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How Tallevika can help

If you participate in our 5-day group program you have the perfect introduction, how get the most out of your individual travel in Sweden. Tell us your interests when you book the 5-day with us, what you like to experience and how much time and budget you have, and we will find and suggest a suitable program in Värmland.


We suggest taking it a bit easy after the 5 days together and stay in the area around Kristinehamn. There is so much more to do there.  Many good bike trails, play tennis or golf, take the boatbus to the islands and explore the nature, go deep-sea fishing for salmon or catch a pike or pikepearch from the rocks, a day on the beach or meet the elks in the elk park are just some examples.


Kristinehamn is also a city of sports. They have a nice 18 hole golf course, a well-known tennis club where Carl-Henrik is in the board. They have 4 clay places and 3 Harcourt in their own tennis hall. Many people in Sweden play padel, a new easier racket sport which is a mix of tennis and squash. In Kristinehamn they have several new indoor padel courts. One of them in the new water arena in the harbor.


A curiosity in July every year in Kristinehamn is the Poker Run. Many offshore speed boats come to Kristinehamn to start the race at the Picasso statue. They race to Karlstad for lunch and race back to Kristinehamn in the afternoon. The mission is to pick 5 play cards during the race and in the evening at the final party at Mastmagasinet with the boats in front, play poker with the cards. As participant of the 5-days travel program you know Mastmagasinet.


If you want us to suggest activities, find out the quality, check availability, and organize quotations and bookings that works good together, we will quote this service based on duration and complexity.

Here some ideas and concepts for different types of people:

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If we caught your interest and you want to get our input to your individual travel in Värmland and Sweden, start to read how to register and book to fill out your registration of interest.

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