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Tallevika Videos

Here are some videos from our private activities inside and outside of Kristinehamn. You see the places and activities we like. Some of them are included in the Tallevika group travel "Our favourites in 5 days" and some other can be easily done of your own. Tallevika can help to recommend and book Enyoy!

1 Tallevika

Sweden in May
An evening in Kristinehamn
A day on lake Vänern
Bye bye Kristinehamn, See you soon
Spring at Tallevika
A fisherman came to Tallevika

2 Lake Vänern and why we love it

Just enjoy a calm lake Vänern
Rock on the fjord 2023 (Rock på fjorn)
Jutviken surf bay
Rock on the fjord 2022 (Rock på fjorn)
Lake Vänern from Tallevika
Poker Run Kristinehamn, Check-in
Poker Run Kristinehamn, Start
A boat tour with Wakeboarding on Jutviken
Kajaking to the wild islands of Kristinehamn

3 The small coast town Kristinehamn in Värmland

Gourmet and wine tasting at Ölme Prästgård
Midsummer in Kristinehamn
Gattet, the new Restaurant & Marina
The gourmets place; Ölme Prästgård
A skating tour through Kristinehamn
Food festival "A taste of Värmland" part 1
Food festival "A taste of Värmland" part 2

4 Hiking outside Kristinehamn

Hiking around Bjurbäcken
Exploring the great moor (Stora mossen)
The iron trail along Varnan
Hiking on the Wild Islands
Harvest the Forest Gold
The iron trail along Varnan
The Iron Trail along Varnan
The pine lover
A Mouton Rotschild from the forest!
The iron trail along Varnan
The roots of Värmland
The pine lover
Sweden's largest construction project

5 Pines and pinemaking

Tallevika = Pine Bay in Värmland Dialect
The pine lover
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