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Here are some examples of activities that we can recommend. We are currently reworking these pages and providing more suggestions for accommodation, restaurants and different types of activities. Stay tuned.

What we recommend

Rent a compact house on a camping

Rent a compact house on a camping

It is often a very easy and practical experience to rent a house on the camping near a sea and have a rental car to do your own daily exiting tours and return to your house in the evening? In these small houses you can do your own cooking and eat in the living room or outside to enjoy the nice evenings. You can adapt the program according to the weather forecast and what you like. It is also possible to rent a full equipped camper but due to Corona the deliveries are delayed, and planning is difficult. We recommend to just take a rental car and book cabins and cottages at good camping areas, it is easier, and you have the same experience. We can help you to find the best option and suggest suitable turns depending on time and interest. The tour around lake Vänern offers a lot, even a brand new bike road, see below. If you go more north in Värmland and into Dalarna a new world opens again. The limit is only your time. At most places you can rent bikes and canoes as well as many other adventures.

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Foto 2 Vänerleden Fotograf Henrik Lindholm_edited.jpg

The Bike roads you never forget

Try the brand new 640 km bike road around lake Vänern 

During 2022 the new bikeroad Vänerleden for bikers will be ready. It is 640 km and you can make it all or selected distances. There are packages available with hotels included to do it in 8 days and you can choose e-Bike or traditional bike. Biking on the new bike roads allows you to take in the surroundings with all your senses and you can stop whenever you like and talk to people, have a swim or pick berries and mushrooms. You will pass through three provinces - Dalsland, Värmland and Västergötland. No two days are alike. Most of your time will be spent in the countryside, but you will also visit the towns Åmål, Säffle, Mariestad, Lidköping and Vänersborg. Karlstad and Kristinehamn you already know.  The cities each have their own uniqueness, but all are shaped by their immediate proximity to the inland sea. You will visit the unique aqueduct in Håverud and you will be fit after a week.

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Relax on a historical Manor

Sleep Swedish, eat good, get energized in a natural spa

Värmland has many well-known old manors rebuilt as hotels with individual rooms equipped with comfortable Swedish spring beds. With a Swedish Sauna, a natural spa to relax and of course good and healthy food you feel like the royal who once build it. The manors are often beautiful situated far out on the countryside, close to lakes and offer several activities and treatments. Try to avoid the weekends because these places are very popular for weddings during the summer. Our daughter planned to rent Hennickehammar Manor (our favorite) for a weekend an marry there together with their Swiss friends and family. Unfortunately, Corona travel restrictions stopped that plan two years in a row and Landshut castle in Utzensdorf (CH) made an OK stand in but far away from the mythic nature at the Swedish location. You will need a rental car to travel to the different places, but you can easily stay for some nights to enjoy the nature, the treatments, and the food.  At these places they also offer activities like canoeing, biking, tennis, golf or Padel, the new folk sport in Sweden with rackets.

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Elvina Maxi.jpg

Rent a 10-meter sailing yacht

Experience unique days and nights in the archipelago

Do you have a permit for sailing in Switzerland and are used to navigate after a nautical chart?  Our neighbors have a Marina in Kristinehamn and a few Swedish sailing yachts (Maxi 95) for rent. The boat type is rigid with a good engine, comfortable with kitchen and with room to sleep for at least 4 people. There are 22000 islands in lake Vänern and you will get advices where to go and how to behave. You can find your own private bay on an island or a city harbor in one of the nice old cities around lake Vänern. It is unique to sail on a lake large as an ocean and have islands to dock for the night with space and room wherever you get. Carl-Henrik has been sailing a lot in the Swedish archipelago and know what it means. Talk with him in due time if you feel motivated to do this. There are only a few boats and they are popular during the summer weeks.

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Ride north with the old railway

Explore the north of Värmland and Dalarna

The old railway from Kristinehamn in direction north is today used for tourism. In one day, you can go to Mora in Dalarna which is the center for folklore tourism in Sweden. Here you easily find your own activities in internet in several languages. It is not our target to organize trips to Dalarna, but we know the region very well since it is the home area of Inger and where Carl-Henrik did his military service and met Inger. If you travel with us in the 5-day group travel, we of course help you with this as well. If you want to go further north, we are not the specialists even if Carl-Henrik has been several times to the far north in Sweden with Swiss customers groups. They had to spend the night in the biggest Ice hotel in the world in Jukkasjärvi which is a nice winter experience.  We prefer Switzerland in the winter where you also find ice hotels. The summer in the north of Sweden is not for us, just too many mosquitoes.

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Favorite team activities

Challenging adventures for families and friend

Families with young children is not our primary target group. If you have children who can and want to do challenging activities, we can put together a very exiting trip. We have spent many days at places build for people with a young mind. Carl-Henrik still join the youngsters when they go to Bodaborg, an old hotel rebuilds with 25 quests to manage. There is a new one also in Zürich, already tested by our children. Check it out first and you know if you like it. You can rent a railroad bicycle (dressin) and bike on the old railroad and see the beautiful area close to the sea and a famous salmon river in Gullspång. A fantastic challenge and group activity is timber rafting on Klarälven. You start close to the Norwegian border and follow the river in direction Karlstad. You can choose from 1 to many days in different packages. Camping and rental cottages are available at the activity together with equipment and instructions. Deep sea fishing (Trolling) is a good family activity if you don’t get easily seasick. There are several big waterparks both indoor and outdoor in an hour’s drive from Kristinehamn. Finally, we recommend families to spend time in a big city with great fun. Read more below.

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Explore Stockholm or Gothenburg

Touristic but great fun, downtown and on the famous islands

If you want to discover a big city in Sweden, we recommend Stockholm or Gothenburg, the two biggest. We suggest travelling from Kristineham in direction to either Stockholm or Gotherburg, not both. Before you arrive, you can do one or two stops at smaller touristic cities, but you need to spend several days in the main city to get a taste of different things. Here we cannot avoid touristic activities, but we can book the good things in advance to avoid queuing and get the best tickets. At both cities you will spend time in the city at different activities and make some trips from the city to an island or two outside. These islands are not like the once in lake Vänern. Here people live on the islands, and you see boats everywhere. A day at the large amusement parks is fun for any age. Gröna Lund in Stockholm and Lisseberg in Gothenburg are world famous.  It is quite easy to book hotels and activities yourself, but the problem is that you have too much to choose from. We can recommend hotels and activities that we would choose and if you have special wishes and interests, we can of course search and check for you.

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