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The history of Tallevika starts at Wemlands Brygghus, the local beer brewery autumn 2021. Me and my wife was sitting with our youngest daughter Eva-Maria and her husband Simon. While tasting the different beverages we were reflecting what has happened during the two years of Corona. Eva-Maria and Simons cancelled wedding in Kristinehamn, first postponed from 2019 to 2020 and then cancelled after the third or fourth wave. They had invited 80 people, most Swiss and it was planned to offer a program to visit our favorite places in connection to the wedding. Why not do it anyway and open this opportunity to all Swiss and maybe even other nationalities. Said and done, we started. Her you find different albums and themes to get more impressions what we do and anyone else can do. Get inspired!


The spring in Sweden is normally a month later than in Switzerland. We recommend to enjoy the Swiss Spring and then go north to get the Swedish spring with much longer days. At the shore of the huge lake Vänern the light in May is special and the sun rises at 04:30. The long sunset over the water starts at 21:30 and last almost forever. In the spring album you find May-impressions from Kristinehamn city, the lonely beach in the bay of Jutviken, the Picasso park and of course Carl-Henrik with some crazy pines.


Soon it is spring also in Kristinehamn but first some winter impression from our January visit. In the dark, cold and icy lakeside winter in Kristinehamn we prepared for Tallevika summer travel and enjoyed the Northern Light.

Food and culture

Every time we visit Kristinehamn we have meetings with entrepreneurs who will support our Tallevika vision. The local hotel- and restaurant owners, the community responsible, several food and beverage producers, all with visions for the local region. A good reason to also try the best restaurants😊. We walk a lot and figure out the best activities to do with a mixed group. Everything we like and is difficult to do on your own will be built into Tallevika travel.


Soon it is spring also in Kristinehamn but first some winter impression from our January visit. In the dark, cold and icy lakeside winter in Kristinehamn we prepared for Tallevika summer travel and enjoyed the Northern Light.

Autumn Harvest

September can be wonderful in Sweden. We spent a lot of time in the forest to harvest lingonberries. There are less mosquitos, and the temperature is perfect for long walks. We easily picked 40kg which is enough to cook lingonberry jam and keep half of it in the fridge. Either or is good with yogurt, on porridge or in a smoothie. Lingonberry jam is also good with meat, especially wild meat. The Austrians even eat it with Wienerschnitzel but that’s their problem.

Pine Nature

Carl-Henrik’s favorite trees are pines. On the island the pines grow slow and are shaped by the nature. He always looks for the most beautiful ones and try to copy them in the garden as bonsais. We also find nice ones in the moor and other unexpected places. In the pictures you also see a large pine from a Japanese garden in Japan made by man. You can see how complicated it is to do what nature do on its own

A kayak tour

When the water is calm it is wonderful to take the kayak and go to some island where it is very shallow. You glide through the shallow water, and it is very silent. You can see big pikes standing in the sun or seabirds chasing smaller fishes. If you bring a fishing rod you can try to catch a pike or a pikeperch. Sometimes you see an ocean eagle or a fish eagle because they live here on the islands. Take a swim from a rock or a beach but be alert on the weather. Bring the phone and tell someone were you go is a must.

Tour in a small RIB

Our very small RIB boat is perfect to get in everywhere in small bays, beaches rocky coasts. We must be careful with big waves and max 4 people if we want to go fast. It’s a very nice drive from Picasso statue into Kristinehamn city. You pass all the old manors along Vålösund, the 8 km long strait into Kristinehamn. You also pass the guest harbor with Christine af bro, the replica of a sailing ship used during 1700 to ship iron. The road end in the old Kristinehamn in front of Mastmagasinet.

Collies on tour

Our Collies belongs with us everywhere we go. Here are some impressions where they show what they like to do in Kristinehamn and on the islands in Vänern. We are also breeders of Collies with FCI pedigree in Switzerland. We invest a lot to get the best Collies who you can take with you anywhere. Mental strength and best possible health are our main targets. If you are interested check our Colliewebsite ColliesvomSeehain (link on picture).


Kristinehamn is considered as a city of sport. It is well known for their team competitions, training camps and competitions. Kristinehamn hosted several years an international tennis tournament (Rolls Royce cup). The 4 sand courts and 3 hard courts in a hall are very good and open for public. Kristinehamn has a famous Olympic gold medalist in sailing, Fredrik Lööf. Here is what we do when we do sport.

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