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Winter break at Tallevika!

Cold at -18 degrees, snow, and Lake Vänern already frozen in December. We are currently in Switzerland, hoping for puppies, and uncertain about our return date. With an Advent video from Switzerland, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Collis vom Seehain

Welcome to our favourit places in Värmland, Sweden


Who we are

We are born in Sweden and emigrated to Switzerland at age 32 with our 3 children. We lived 25 years in Biel-Seeland but moved to the Emmenthaler region in 2020. We became Swiss because we love Switzerland as our home. But, we just have to go to our favorite places in Sweden a few times per year.

Join us and find out why. 

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What we do

Often people we meet in Switzerland ask us about Sweden, how it is and where to go? It is difficult to answer so we decided instead to make it possible to join us and visit our favorite places.  Together with us and a small group of curious people you get an exciting and unique introduction to Sweden outside the mainstream tourism

Neues vom Seehan

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