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Tallevika Travel Concept

Pandemic travel in Sweden

During the pandemic period life changed for all people. Travel was during long periods impossible, and the vacation habits change with the virus. Sweden has been hit by Corona on the same level as Switzerland but with a different strategy.  There were no shutdowns and restrictions with police controls and fines. With home office, personal responsibility and a few restrictions Sweden managed to keep the figures on the same level as Switzerland but with much less costs and critical opinions. We managed to travel to Sweden 5 times during the two years of pandemic period without being infected. It was luck of course but we feel safe in Värmland due to more space, less people and a slower pace.


What to do and where to go

Often people we meet in Switzerland ask us about Sweden, how it is and where to go? It is difficult to answer so we decided instead to make it possible to join us and visit our favorite spots and get a comfortable and safe introduction to Sweden outside the mainstream tourism. After a few days with us it is easy to travel on your own. This is the idea behind Tallevika travel concept.


Our preferred customer

We want to make it easy and offer a short 5-day program with activities we like.  Full days and evenings with everything included. Our target group are of course people who appreciate this service and prepare to pay for it. You are also curious and like the nature as well as small cities, you enjoy unique experiences and like to try and learn new things. To really enjoy our favorite places, we will walk 5-10 km per day, and you need to like this. Finally, you are open to discuss your experiences with other people and like to socialize in smaller groups. This is how we are, and we aim for a group who feels they fit to our way of life.


What we offer

Not all trips will look the same but will include Swedish wild nature, history and culture, boat trips, exploration of Swedish food, good wines, and small-town life with shopping opportunities. We select accommodation to suit the program and give you nice and genuine local experiences. You will meet some of the people who inspired us to do this and maybe some local originals. We travel together in Sweden in a comfortable bus and during the five days it will be around 1000 km all together. We bring you to places, activities and restaurants we like ourselves. Follow our Impressions News & Blog and you will see what we like. To get an idea of the program look at Our Favorites in 5 Days.




If you want individual arrangement before or after and continue to explore more of Sweden on your own, we can suggest, organize, and connect to best options. Here is the link to How Tallevika can help where you can see some possibilities we can recommend. We know you have your own preferences for “long-distance travel” and therefore, the Tallevika concept to not include travel to Sweden and back to home country. But if you need support with this, we assist. We are used to travel with car, caravan, ferry or by aircraft. Check out How to go to Sweden

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