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A successful vacation

Most Swiss people we meet are interested in Sweden and would love to visit, and some have actually done so independently. Many are unsure and ask for recommendations. Tallevika Travelling is our answer. Use the website and our blogs for inspiration. Don't hesitate to contact us for more advice. We base our recommendations on what we like and discourage what we don't. To have a successful vacation, we have developed our concept as follows:

Knowledge and Local Connection - for high quality

Since we spend 4-5 months per year in Sweden, especially in Värmland, we know from personal experience what works and provides great experiences. Social media helps us stay updated on ongoing events. We have visited local restaurants, hotels and rental houses, knowing the owners in most cases. The environment around Lake Vänern is unique, with numerous cultural excursions featuring fascinating history. As dog owners, we often walk the fantastic hiking trails. The range of sports activities is wide and we have tried most of it, from the high-quality bike and cycle paths, kayaking between the islands and of course many indoor sports arenas. You can rent a small motorboat for fishing or swimming without a driving licence, and there are also sailing boats to rent in the 10-meter class for experienced sailors. With many friends in the area of all ages, we can quickly find the right activity for you.

Variety without stress - for maximum relaxation

Our goal is for visitors not to feel stressed, ensuring an active and relaxing vacation regardless of the weather. Our concept is to have time to unwind, relax, and enjoy, mixed with a bit of excitement and adventure. Getting to know the area and its surroundings to feel at home is our goal for you. We are flexible and can assist with on-site planning if the weather changes or new opportunities arise. We recommend the best route to Kristinehamn with suitable stops along the way. Overall, we recommend at least two weeks in Värmland, with the main part in Kristinehamn, meaning three weeks of vacation with travel and stops. The longer, the better and more restful.

Unique nature experiences and small-town charm - for lovely memories

Our focus is on experiencing nature up close, which is entirely different from southern Europe. It offers everything from vast forests and marshes to streams, rivers, and the inland sea Vänern with its 40,000 islands. The grandeur and tranquility offer solitude and exclusivity. No crowds, no parking problems, no queues—just a little attention to avoid getting lost on small roads, islands, or missing a sea eagle soaring in the sky. After an active day, we enjoy returning to the cozy Kristinehamn in the evening. It's the unique combination of finding solitude in wild nature and discovering cozy places without crowds to socialize in the evening.

Enjoy and want to come back - as we do

In summary, everything can be encapsulated with the concept, "Enjoy when you're here and long to return when you come home." Summer is undoubtedly wonderful with its bright evenings, but May or September also have their charm. Winter can be exciting, but you never know if it will be above freezing or -20°C. Follow our News & Blog on the website, Facebook, or YouTube to get an idea of what to expect. The experience can only be gained by coming here. Also, check out "What we recommend" and "How to go to Sweden." Welcome!

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