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I am a Dalkulla, meaning I come from Dalarna, probably the most famous touristic region in Sweden, a bit north of Värmland. I played football when I was young, and I played a lot even in the highest Liga. Brage was the team, and I was a tough defense player. I still played when I met Carl-Henrik so he had to join the wild girl team on match tours to be able to meet me during the weekends. My grandmother who lived near us, was an extraordinarily strong woman. She was a farmer and became widow with 6 children. She bought farms, make them profitable and sold off. She had several Collies and I played with them as often I could. At the age of 13 I bought my first own collie and a few years later we met Carl-Henrik when he made his military service in my hometown.

Hej I am Inger


My profession

I brought my Collie with me when Carl-Henrik and I moved together to study in Linköping. I studied to become a nurse and I worked in different hospitals as we moved around in Sweden, also when we got our 3 children. It was tough to have 3 very small children and work shift at hospitals with a husband travelling. It means bringing them in the morning and picking them up in the evening, from the Dagis (Kita). Everyone else in a certain age in Sweden do the same. We were therefore grateful to move to Switzerland 1994 where most mothers stayed home with their children. I was privileged in our new country to support 100% our children with school and spare time activities. I was even elected to run the parent representative’s organization up to 6th class which gave me insights and allowed me to have influence on several things. The weekends we devoted to discovering Switzerland and during the school vacations we went to surrounding countries in our caravan.

Inger mit Bess & Alpha.jpg

Making happy lives

Later when all of us played tennis quiet intensively, I was coordinating weekend tournaments, driving to trainings, and matches. During this period, I decided to buy a rough collie again. I found the perfect dog outside Dresden and noticed that she was mentally strong and could be a good mother. I founded our kennel “Collies vom Seehain” according to FCI rules which allows me to breed dogs with pedigree. I also educated myself to trainer and mental judge for all breeds of dogs. This allows me to have influence on the quality of dogs allowed for breed. Since 2010 I have in average one litter per year, and this has resulted in almost 50 happy and active Collies and the pleasure to meet many nice people as customers and new friends. Tallevika now offers same pleasure to meet new people and make them happy, just in a different way and hopefully with a few dog lovers among the participants.

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