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Group travel 2023

Here the exact dates and contents will be published when it is finalized and decided.

Until then please check Our favorites in 5 days.

In price included:

Based on own test, experiences, and comparisons as well as discussions with each provider of services we select what we consider best quality and value for money. The content can differ depending on availability and our selections. Our intension is that everything is included:


  • 5 nights in a city hotel, a countryside private manor or a mix of both. Private small-town hotels and manors in this region in Sweden may offer limited complementary services.

  • Tallevika stays in close connection with the hotel owners to secure best possible service.

  • The choice of hotel and service levels will be announced when the dates and detailed content of the of the trip is published.

Meals & Beverages

  • 5 breakfasts at the hotels

  • 4 lunches at restaurants or outside in the wilds

  • 5 multiple course dinner menus

  • All aperitifs, wines and local beer selected to the courses

  • Soft drinks and snacks


  • Pickup with bus at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and transport to Kristinehamn.

  • Bustransfers to all activities, restaurants, and hotels during the complete stay.

  • 2 private boat trips of approximately 2 hours each.

  • Transfer back from Kristinehamn to Arlanda airport.


  • All fees, entrances and other costs connected to included activities.

  • Travel companion from Tallevika during the complete trip.

  • Local guides and experts on some occasions.

  • Backpacker with surprise equipment.

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