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I come from the middle sea region in Sweden with my roots in small towns in Värmland and northern Sweden. I played music instead of football or ice hockey as young. But I found my sports element on the water and was an early Windsurfer in the 70ties. I learned to sail jolle as child and together with my father I built a sailing yacht at the age of 15. We sailed the region between Sweden and Finland during the summers with my mother and sister. During my Master studies I learned to play golf and after a summer in France, spending time in Bordeaux my lifelong interest of wine started.

Hej,  I am Carl-Henrik Sjölund

My Business life

Professionally I devoted myself to innovation and business development which allowed me to travel a lot all over the world and meet many interesting people. From 2015 to 2020 I had the opportunity to build a global multicultural startup which I enjoyed a lot. During my whole career I had the pleasure to try diffrent ways to create business relations with customers and partners. I brought groups of Swiss business partners to Sweden every year and showed them the best parts. I also received visitors from other countries to Switzerland where I had the chance to find out what Switzerland offers at its best. Despite all good things with digitalization and compliance I miss these times and I know that other do as well. This is a reason to start Tallevika travel. It’s such a great feeling when the ferry takes off in Kiel in the evening and you know you will wake up next morning in Sweden.

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My private life

In my spare time, I always devoted myself to my family. When the children were young, we spent our time skiing and playing tennis. We all participated in tennis tournaments, which allowed us to explore most of the tennis halls in both Switzerland and Sweden. I have always had a passion for skiing, and recently my son bought a small wakeboard boat on Lake Biel, so now we are trying to learn wake surfing. My wife introduced dogs into our lives early on, so we spend a significant amount of time walking and hiking with them. During these walks, I developed an interest in beautiful old trees and wanted to learn how to replicate them in our garden. I attended courses by Pius Notter, a Swiss bonsai master, and developed my own trees and bonsai gardens. I am particularly fond of old pines (known as "tall" in Swedish) that grow in challenging conditions and are beautifully shaped by nature. In our region of Sweden, you can find these pines near open water, on islands, in swamps, and of course, in the mountains of Switzerland. Over the last two years, I have dedicated my time to rebuilding our houses in Switzerland and Sweden, adapting them for seasonal use and dog breeding. Naturally, both places now boast several bonsai pine trees. That's why we call our house at Jutviken bay in Sweden Tallevika. It means bay of pines in local Swedish dialect.

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